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About Our Scheduling Software

Our scheduling software allows you to take control of your private duty, small business and corporate scheduling needs so you can watch your company grow. And since AppointMate's scheduling software is available online and on your smartphone, it's available whenever and wherever you need it.

AppointMate® Features

Watch Demo

Watch Demo

  • Seamlessly integrates employee and patient work schedules, calendars, time sheets, billing, payroll and appointments
  • Easy-to-use online employee and client portals for viewing schedules
  • Suggests caregivers based on up to 10 factors, such as matching client requests, minimizing overtime and avoiding conflicting appointments
  • Offers over 100 reports with dashboards that are updated in real time
  • Integrates with major accounting and payroll software programs
  • Allows employees to clock in and out via a telephone, mobile device or online
  • Includes a built-in CRM system for easy management of customer information and referrals
  • Securely stores all data using SSL encryption and ensures HIPAA compliance
  • Provides unlimited user access

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